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"I use Cloud Administrator as my chosen IT Provider. They are my IT partner. I also suggest my clients use Cloud Administrator to look after all their business's IT needs. I use Dale Harper and his team at Cloud Administrator as my senior strategic partners and Cloud IT Administrators."

Garret Norris
CEO - The HBB Group and The KONA Group

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Our IT Services

Business IT Managed Services - Tech Support Plans

Cloud Administrator provides the option for fixed monthly pricing for online tech support - Cloud IT Managed Services - including remote access for online computer support, email, telephone, and online support chat. Technical support on a monthly all-in-one plan.

IT Support for Business

Australian based online and on-site IT support. Phone, email, and messaging/chat support for those services, infrastructure, and applications your business depends on. Servers, desktop, support and maintenance, virtualisation, backup, disaster recovery, Wi-Fi, networking, LAN/WAN, Internet.

Cloud Platforms, Services and Virtualisation

AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, Xen. Your servers, storage, applications, and networking in the cloud. Start with hybrid cloud architecture - seamlessly spread your IT infrastructure and services across on-premises and public cloud. Work with Cloud Administrator to build your roadmap to your business cloud.

Microsoft Technologies & Platform

Microsoft Windows Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, IIS, NPS, Windows 7/10 Desktop

Email, Collaboration & Cloud Storage

Google G Suite, Microsoft Office 365, Postfix, Dovecot, Nextcloud, Onedrive, Dropbox - Surveillance Free Email Hosting is email without an agenda. Email hosting for business whose purpose is - email hosting for business!

No mining of your email for behavioural data. No Advertising. Just secure, private, reliable email for business. has nothing to hide. Except your email...

Based on open source software. The linux based open source email server software stack includes postfix, dovecot, rspamd, unbound, linux, and MariaDB.

Cloud Migrations. Migrate between Cloud Services

Migrate to/from G Suite, Office 365, and IMAP email systems. Transfer your email, calendars, and contacts. Migrate your files between Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and other cloud storage providers including Dropbox.

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Mark Connellan
Program Director - Boston University (Sydney Campus)

"Cloud Administrator have provided comprehensive IT services to the Boston University Sydney Program over the last 8 years. Ahead of us moving into a new premises in 2011 they were able to accurately assess our needs and then oversee and implement these requirements. From provisioning and maintaining network cable and wireless infrastructure, hardware and software, to a customised ongoing support program, Cloud Administrator continue to provide us with a complete IT services and solutions for all of our IT needs."

Cindy Luken
Founder - Luk Beautifood, Food Scientist, and Product Developer

"Cloud Administrator have been our IT gurus for over 13 years previously whilst I owned the business Luken & May Pty Ltd and now the startup luk beautifood - an online boutique business creating and selling make up made from healthy foods direct to consumers and via trade. When setting up my online infrastructure Dale Harper at Cloud Administrator was the first person I turned to recommend and implement an IT strategy. They make everything in the tech world so simple, easy to use and effortless. I don't need to think about what I have when Cloud Administrator set it up - they just get me & my biz to where I want to be. If EVER i need Dale and his team, they are there and worth every dollar."

Cat Robinson
Owner, General Manager Ready Vet

"Dale Harper's team were recommended to us when we had issues with email spoofing and needed to overhaul our security. They helped us migrate over to office 365 and the whole process was very smooth and easy. There was zero business interruption and they took care of everything – one of the best service providers we have used in 5 years of business!"

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Cloud-based online and on-site IT support. Australia-wide for all states (NSW, Queensland, Victoria, SA, WA), all cities (including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Canberra, Adelaide), and regional Australia. Remote support over the internet using secure remote access to your computers and devices.